The Old is New Again

You are NOT welcome to the world of Graevin, stranger.

This world has seen your kind before. When the holy Emperor Sol and the ruling body of the Ancestry were assassinated, it was by outside forces wishing to “shake things up” – well, they did that. A vast reaching civil war erupted out of the chaos.

The last four hundred years have been a nightmare for the lesser races. The elves in particular have had it rougher than most, being more closely tied to their Overlords’ fortunes. Flight against Flight, claw and tooth and fire and ice clashed in the sky, on the ground, under the earth.

Territory expanded and receded at an alarming rate. What used to take a decade of planning, another dozen of manipulating events, just to gain control of a village or trade route from another Lord, now was simply taken overnight and held as long as one could. Gone were the days of civilized discourse amongst the Lords of Rule.

It wasn’t until the lesser races started to wrest control of large regions of territory that we backed down our own fighting. It was too late for many though. The lesser races had been paying attention for years, studying us without even realizing it. When they finally rebelled, it was easy for them, they’d lived generations under our claws knowing what would harm us, what would help us, our habits, our mannerisms.

Ancestral Aerie, the meeting place of the Lords, the Ancestry, and the Emperor, housed not hundreds, but thousands of our kind, stands now almost empty. Less than a hundred Lords remain. No Emperor, no Ancestry. The current leader of our people, the Lord of the Wing, is a mere 500 years, with the rest of us coming in under 200.

We have had to make peace with the lesser races. Giving up those territories that truly wished to be free of our rule, keeping only those among the most loyal to us. Each Lord of our kind a king in his own land, so now we must treat the rulers of the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and other lesser races. Our people have surely fallen far.

It’s a new world for Dragons, and the stars are coming to an alignment for a grand Hatching. The future will be in their claws.

Oh Give Me a Home