The Devastation

Just over 400 years ago, the world was as IO decreed. The lesser races served, and were served by, the Lords of the Empire. Territory and trade, amusements and innovation, everything was as it should be.

Or so we thought.

Adventurers still existed, often we hired them to run the day to day cleaning of our territories, everything from rogue drow breakthroughs, barbaric orc incursions, kobold lairs, etc…

Somehow, a large number of these adventurers grew powerful enough to become an unforeseen threat to the Empire. They took it upon themselves to free the world from our control. Generations of planning, training, and gathering materials and knowledge must have gone into this. One by one the Ancestry were wiped out. The Emperor and his entire lineage was wiped out. The details remain unknown, but it is suspected that extraplanar assistance was invoked.

In the power vacuum, many Lords sought the throne for themselves, many opposed them, some broke away and retreated. Over the next 400 years, the battles for power were ferocious. Amidst these battles lies evidence of the lesser races rising up. Many Lords were slain in the Draconicide. It is suspected as many fell to the lesser races as did to the claws and teeth of their brethren.

Those who came to age during this time did not have the luxury of learning the histories of their people. It was war. Many hoards were lost, many lives, and much territory. Clan identity is virtually gone. Even much of our racial identity has been lost. The day one cannot trust a Gold to keep his sworn word, or a Green to be avaricious to the core, or an Amethyst upholds the Paladinate of Bahamut, is a sad day indeed.

That we must keep truck with the chiefs of lesser races as equals shows how far we have fallen from IO’s Vision.

We are one People now. Colors truly do not matter and the future is ours to shape.

The Devastation

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