The Way It Was

Many millenia ago, dragonkind rose from the barbarity of the typical fantasy adventure setting and began to work together. Great IO commanded that the world be made peaceful, that his chosen Holy Emperor unite our people and rule over the lesser races as only creatures of our power, age, and wisdom could.

The First Holy Emperor of Dragonkind, Bahamut, went from lair to lair, aerie to aerie, palace to palace, gathering followers to IO’s Vision. Pain and suffering came to those who violently opposed the Platinum Emperor, though battle was his last recourse after diplomacy failed.

When he’d gathered the respect of every dragon, or slain those who would not accept IO’s Vision, Bahamut withdrew them from the lands to a place just over the horizon, a barren stretch of ocean, almost a day’s flight out. Here the gathering witnessed the miracle of IO’s Vision. A vast rectangular plateau, a thousand feet high, rose from the ocean, crested at the four corners with massive pillars, as though it were pulled from the floor of the sea. Over the next hundred years, Ancestral Aerie would be carved from the rock itself in an unprecedented concert of effort. It was only when the work was complete that Bahamut, Platinum Emperor, took his mate, the lovely Tiamat.

In this time, the Ancestry was set up as the Emperor’s ruling body. For each clan, the eldest dragon of at least Wyrm age sat on the Ancestry. Some clans had no Ancestor for a long time and no say in how life would proceed.

Each dragon was given the title of Lord, simply for the act of surviving to become Young Adults. Upon gaining this adulthood, it was the responsibility of the Clan Ancestor to ensure a territory be available to bequeath to the young Lord.

Lest one believe that this should lead to an overpopulation, one must remember that dragons are magical creatures, inherent in their makeup is the stuff of creation. Dragon Hatchings are rare events that must coincide with specific celestial and earthly times. Tamara, the first Tender, inscribed a chronicle of the timings necessary for Hatchings upon the walls of the Ancestral Aerie’s hatchery.

Many would recognize these names as those of the gods of Dragonkind. True, there was once a time these gods flew the skies. IO himself raised these esteemed and iconic Wyrms to the heavens upon their demise.

With the hierarchy established, the Code set down, and the clans solidified under the Holy Platinum Emperor, it was time to turn to the mainland. In less than another hundred years, every region was subjugated to the combined might of the Emperor’s dragon Flights.

The line of the Holy Emperor of Dragonkind remained unbroken throughout the ages until the Devastation.

The Way It Was

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