The Way It Is

Everything’s changed. No longer does one’s clan, color, or spirit make a difference. No longer are we the undisputed rulers of all that flies above, swims, crawls upon, or lives under, the earth.

Now we are fewer than we have ever been in our entire history. Our survival rests on cooperation with each other and dealing with the lesser races on equal footing. Or at the least treating them as such in their presence.

We have found that keeping track of the lesser races requires more energy, more constant worldliness, than we are used to. To this end we have instituted the Kindred tradition. Forging a mystical bond with one of the lesser races ensures we tie ourselves to the people we mean to govern as territorial Lords. It also provides us with a liaison and a way to interact with the world on a regular basis.

No longer can new territory be granted by the Ancestry upon entering adulthood, we must take it as we can. Carve out our own lands, though we must obtain the majority consensus of the Lordship to confirm our new territory.

The Way It Is

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